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Successful Oklahoma Business Litigation Attorneys

If you are looking for a knowledgeable attorney to help you with your questions on civil litigation, commercial law, real estate, or estate planning, the business litigation attorneys at Frailey, Chaffin, Cordell, Perryman & Sterkel, LLP are here to provide you with free initial consultations and personal service.

Our law office has been located in Chickasha, Oklahoma, for more than 80 years and we have a practice as diverse as the state of Oklahoma. From our convenient location 30 minutes from Oklahoma City near the intersections of I-44, I-62, and I-81, we are proud to handle cases in the Northern, Eastern, and Western districts of federal court. To learn more about each of our accomplished attorneys, click on the links below or call (405) 224-0237 to contact our business law firm today.